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Resume: A game inspired by Alien franchise. It's a sci-fi horror game set in not a distant future. Venture on this journey that fills the human race with hope for conquering the stars and find an answer to our origin, even if we are not alone but full of brutal creatures.

What awaits you? ENTROPIA challenges the player to learn the mechanics and the different behaviors of the threats. At first, it's not gonna be easy and confusing, well that's what I intend it to be. That being said, the game is based on randomly generated environments and a few unpredictable decisions of the "AI". In such a way It doesn't lose the fun factor and tension. In other words, with all these elements ENTROPIA offers re-playability.

Te first chapter is totally free, if you like it you can buy the full game to support me and my work. THANKS! Don't forget to check the TIPS in-game.


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<MAC> ENTROPIA 1.1 [Chapter 1].zip 266 MB
<LINUX> ENTROPIA 1.1 [Chapter 1].zip 280 MB
<WINDOWS> ENTROPIA 1.1.1.zip 259 MB

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Hey, I tried it out, but it seems like the solar storm counter either isn't accurate or doesn't work if I'm too far away from the computer. I set a timer so that I could wait to reset the generator and let the most oxygen possible regenerate, but the next storm never came, and when I died, the oxygen count was at 30%, with the timer saying 180 seconds. That's after a full 8 minute cycle.

um boss the folder is empty

Real spooky and thats what matters! Good job!

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but when I download the windows version for this game, the folders are empty. Is there something wrong with the windows download?

Everything seems to be working good... Try again I would upload it somewhere else just for you ;D

Yeah, I dunno, just re-downloaded the game files. Specifically the one labeled "<WINDOWS> ENTROPIA 1.1" but even though the compressed file says it has around 260 MB when I go to extract it, the folders are empty.

Also, the folder that the game's files are suppose to be in is called "__MACOSX" even though I downloaded the windows version.

Give me a few minutes. I'll fix it for you

Thank you for telling me... Please check the link now!

So I tried downloading the new game files but I'm still having the same issue. Just in case, I also downloaded the other available files to see what would happen. All of the different downloads have the same exact problem for me.

As another test I tried to download the game via the itch.io desktop app and recieved an error that stopped me from downloading the game: "mkdir C:\Users\Baconation\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\entropia-chapter-1\ ENTROPIA 1.1.1: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect."

It seems like other people have not had trouble playing the game so I'm not sure whats happening here.

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Gave it a go...

While the game's atmosphere and monsters are unique. I feel like the RNG element could use a bit of work. Mainly after death, the monsters should disperse a little bit just so the player can have a chance of doing the objective. But that's just me. Otherwise, gj on the horror. (Screw you facehuggers).

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

DOPE GAME! I LOVE IT! No doubt I will buy full game and do full let's play.  congrats on great work.

my video btw:


It's on the ship...

Heeey your reactions are pretty genuine, so fun to watch. Keep Up! Also try to read the tips from the panel in the ship...


Awesome Work Dev....I played this game before, you have done such a great Job :) 

Old Gameplay of this game.


Thanks for the support, also I would be glad to watch the whole gameplay!